Meditation has a different meaning for different people. Some use it to relax some to help them succeed at sport or in business. Some people meditate to help them deal with emotional upsets, others are looking for mental clarity and to develop concentration.

Meditation is more than all this. It is a tool to develop and expand our consciousness. In meditation proper we dive deep within to find our inner treasures – peace, love, delight and more. Meditation aims at cleansing the mind of impuririties and disturbances, such as lustful desires, hatred, ill-will, indolence, worries and restlessness, sceptical doubts. It brings our potential to the fore, it calms the mind and is designed to cultivate awareness and mindfulness leading finally to the attainment of highest wisdom which sees the nature of things as they are, and realize the Ultimate truth, NIBBANA.

When we can make the mind calm and quiet and when we are more aware of our selves, we begin to gain WISDOM(Panna).Wisdom is pure uderstanding in the present the true reality of Life. Wisdom sees the truth as the truth, and the false as the false. It is wisdom that enables us to love all beings and has the power to alleviate suffering.


In Buddhism there are two kinds of meditation

Meditation at Ketumati Buddhist Vihara

Our Vihara conducts numerous programs and events that are catered towards many individuals who are at various interlectual levels.










A brief guide on howto prepare youself for a basic Meditation session is provided.